Welcome to Marriedwithbees.com.  We are a husband and wife beekeeping team sharing our love of bees and nature.  This is a site for newer beekeepers or non-beekeepers fascinated by bees.  We don’t have all the answers, but we are happy to share what we learn along the way.

Click here to download the slides from my presentation on Honey Bee Pests and Diseases given on Feb. 22 at the Northern KY Beekeepers Beekeeping 101 School. Honey Bee Pests_2020_K_Ackley  

Bee sure to check out my blog and follow it so you don’t miss any posts.  Most posts are about beekeeping and gardening.  Some posts are about conservation topics such as monarch butterflies, pollinator habitats, and invasive species.  A fraction of the posts are eclectic topics that can’t be classified.  I call these posts my “Left Field” posts.  You can check out all my past posts in the archive.  Follow this link to jump to my blog:  Blog

How Marriedwithbees got started:  Back in 2017 I was not happy with my garden’s squash output.  I heard that gardeners who keep bee colonies can sometimes double or even triple their output thanks to increased pollination.  My husband has been fascinated by bees since he was a boy, so he was happy to join the adventure.  Now we are married with bees!

Teaching Kids about Bees – Here is a link to a slide deck I use when teaching school groups and scout troops about bees. Marvelous Honey Bee

different color pollen