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Does Anyone Need a Cocaine Hippo?

The horseshoe theory of politics states that the political spectrum is shaped like a horseshoe instead of a straight line running in opposite directions.  Far-right and far-left political ideologies begin to converge, and people in those two groups start to become more aligned instead of alienated.  I think the horseshoe theory applies to blogging too.  I decided to stop writing about bees and the natural world this winter since everything is dormant.  For fun I am writing on all sorts of wackadoodle topics for my Left Field collection.  Pablo Escobar’s Cocaine Hippos are so far into Left Field that they have come right back around and fit in with my usual blogging about the natural world.  Put on your safari hats, and let’s talk about cocaine hippos!

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Please Don’t Get A German Shepherd Dog!

“I’ve always wanted a German Shepherd.” People who find out that I own a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) tell me this on a regular basis. What I think to myself when I hear this is, “No you don’t.” The time has come to say the quiet part out loud. Most households will not be a good fit for a GSD.

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