Resources We Like


There are many great resources available online.  Some are more helpful than others.  Here are links to some of our favorite resources.

  1. Northern Kentucky Beekeepers Association – We are members of this group.  This site is full of useful links that are specific for the central and northern Kentucky region.
  2. Barnyard Bees You Tube Videos  – Barnyard Bees is a supplier located in Northern Georgia.  We have never purchased their products, but we have watched many of the free videos they provide on You Tube.  You Tube is full of videos about beekeeping, and you have to be careful about where you seek information.  It is wonderful when novices (like us) share their experiences to help others, but beware of novices posing as subject matter experts.  (We are not subject matter experts…yet.  We hope to get there one day.)  We like the Barnyard Bee videos because they are so informative and come from subject matter experts.
  3. The HoneyBee Suite – This site is dedicated to the science of bees including wild bees and honey bees.  Many beekeepers base all their decisions on past experiences and don’t take advantage of new research.  This site incorporates both experience and scientific research.  They also publish and excellent blog.  If I could only follow one blog, it would be this one.