Doug graduated with a doctorate from the University of Kentucky’s school of pharmacy. Kathy earned undergraduate degrees in chemistry and education at UK. She went on to earn her doctorate in chemistry at the University of Cincinnati. They are located in northern Kentucky (USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6b).

Kathy_Doug portrait

Doug does most of the dirty work with the bees, and Kathy does most of the blog writing. When you see “I” in the blogs or on the website, it refers to Kathy.  With that said, I will stop writing in 3rd person now.

We have been married since 1994.  After spending years in the corporate world logging long hours and dealing with high stress, we changed paths.  We moved to be closer to family.  Doug switched jobs to have more time at home, and I stopped working all together.  Now we spend our time focusing on the things that matter to us: faith, family, books, gardening, dogs….and bees!

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