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Bee Update for 2020

I hope this post finds all my readers healthy and safe, and welcome to all of my new blog followers.  I haven’t posted since July, and friends have been asking me for an update on the bees.  This post will update you on our bees, the garden, and our big conservation project, but first I want to spend one paragraph letting you know why it has been so long since I posted. Continue reading

My Pumpkins Are Male Chauvinists

The pandemic garden is developing nicely, and I am awash in zucchini and kale.  The green onions, early potatoes, and carrots have all been harvested.  The first tomatoes are starting to turn red, and the pole beans are snaking their way up the bamboo tents I constructed for them.  Since we expanded the garden this year I finally have the space to plant multiple varieties of winter squash and pumpkins.  The latest round of rain has caused the vines to grow rapidly, and the garden is full of beautiful yellow blossoms.  During this morning’s garden inspection I noticed that very few squash and pumpkins are actually forming on the vines.  Pollination isn’t the problem.  Over 150,000 honey bees are within a short walk of the garden.  Bees are so heavy on the blossoms that the vines have an audible buzz.  Upon closer inspection I realized the problem is that I have all male flowers. Continue reading