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Honey Harvest from Blossom to Bear Bottle

How many of you have grabbed a bottle of honey from the grocery store shelf without giving a thought about what it took to fill that bear shaped squeeze bottle?  We just finished our 2021 honey harvest.  Doug and I worked really hard to harvest the honey, but we didn’t work as hard as our bees did to make the honey.  Read on if you want to learn how flower blossom nectar makes becomes the honey that you enjoy on your biscuits. 

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Please Don’t Get A German Shepherd Dog!

“I’ve always wanted a German Shepherd.” People who find out that I own a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) tell me this on a regular basis. What I think to myself when I hear this is, “No you don’t.” The time has come to say the quiet part out loud. Most households will not be a good fit for a GSD.

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