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We Made A Large Scale Pollinator Habitat!

Loss of habitat is one of the biggest threats to pollinators.  Most people like to focus on pesticides as the reason for declines in pollinators, and they certainly hurt pollinators.  However, loss of habitat magnifies every other problem plaguing pollinators because no living creature can be resilient without a place to live and food to eat.  Honey bees garner most of people’s attention in the pollinator discussion for three reasons:

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We Are Splitting This Year!

My nephew was incredibly flexible when he was young.  He reminded me of the comic book character Plastic Man.  Family members joked that he was made of rubber.  He could bend his hands backwards and contort himself into poses that could only be achieved by a human body less than a decade old.  One of his more impressive tricks was dropping from a standing position into a perfect split.  He would do this so suddenly and so completely that all the females marveled and all the men winced with pain at the sight of it.  My nephew grew up and is now an adult about to leave for college.  He doesn’t perform gymnastic parlor tricks anymore, and I stopped thinking about splits until I became a beekeeper.  Doug and I have been doing splits this spring but not the kinds of splits that lead to a groin injury.  In the beekeeping world, a split is what you do when you divide a bee colony, and bee splits can be just as tricky as the splits performed by gymnasts. 

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