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When Good Bees Turn Bad

“Honey bees don’t want to sting you.”  I tell school children this all the time when I conduct outreach events on behalf of our local beekeeping association.  What I don’t tell the children is that my statement is only partially true.  Honey bees do want to sting you in the months of July and August.  During this period, our naturally docile bees turn into hell on wings.    

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We Made A Large Scale Pollinator Habitat!

Loss of habitat is one of the biggest threats to pollinators.  Most people like to focus on pesticides as the reason for declines in pollinators, and they certainly hurt pollinators.  However, loss of habitat magnifies every other problem plaguing pollinators because no living creature can be resilient without a place to live and food to eat.  Honey bees garner most of people’s attention in the pollinator discussion for three reasons:

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