MarriedWithBees UNLEASHED!

Thank you to all of you that read my blog posts.  I appreciate all your views, likes, and comments.  I truly enjoy writing these posts, and I am always amazed that people besides my mom and dad actually want to read them.    Things are going to be changing in the blog, and I wanted to give everyone a heads up so you aren’t surprised.

Writing about bees and beekeeping gives me joy.  I’m going to keep doing that.  The majority of the posts will continue to be about beekeeping and our own personal adventures with honey bees.  You are going to want to keep reading the blog if for no other reason than to see if Doug and I overcome our secret shame this year.  (If you don’t know what our secret shameful beekeeping secret is, you may want to check out that post.)  All the posts related to beekeeping are going to be archived in a folder called “beekeeping.”  I know that title may be shocking to you, but it seemed like the logical choice.

Over the last year, I branched out and wrote about monarch butterflies, building bee motels and our newest endeavor to create a large scale pollinator habitat.  I will continue to write posts about conservation related topics.  I can’t wait to give you updates about the large scale pollilnator habitat we are building.  Look for videos of that work.  I upgraded my WordPress account just so I can share videos with you!  The pollinator habitat is going to be awesome.  If the wildflowers bloom in the pasture the way I hope, I might run through them singing “The Sound of Music” like Julie Andrews.  You are going to want to keep following my blog if for no other reason than to see that video. Conservation topics are going to take about 25% of the blog.  You can find those posts archived in the folder entitled “conservation.”

This post will be my 55th post since creating the blog.  Sometimes I am truly shocked by the posts that take off and do really well.  Many of the most popular posts only have a tangential connection to beekeeping.  My post about baking a Christmas fruitcake was really popular.  I was shocked by how many people read and shared the post about beekeeping saving the US political system.  That was a really weird post, and I didn’t think anybody would comment on it exept maybe my parents.  I want to broaden the blog and write some posts about topics that aren’t diretly related to beekeeping.  I have been dying to write a post about whether or not honey bees would vote for impeachment.  (For the record, I think the bees would vote NO but not because bees are Republican or because bees like the president.  I’m not going to explain their NO votes here because I may still write about that later.)  I also want the freedom to write about other things that I think about constantly like minimalism, gardening, tiny houses, and living with intention.  Thus, I have created a new category of blog post called “Left Field.”  You can expect about 25% of my posts to start coming from Left Field because they don’t fit neatly into the beekeeping or conservation categories.  This is a chance for me to unleash my writing.  Hopefully you will enjoy it and come along for the ride.  The picture below isn’t me but somehow it seemed to fit this post.  I just hope the butterfly was’t harmed for the picture.

woman s face

Photo by Isabella Mariana on



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