Something Out of Nothing

The Bible says that the very first garden was the garden of Eden.  God created it by speaking it into existence.  God created something out of nothing.  I was reminded of that truth this week when a minor miracle happened in my garden.  I am definately not comparing myself to the Lord Almighty, but I was able to make something out nothing. During the pandemic I bought a bag of onions from the grocery.  The bag was labeled sweet onions, but they tasted like regular white onions.  They were small to medium in size.  When I chopped the onion for cooking, I saved the lower quarter and placed it in water to see if I could get the onion to grow.  Root fibers began to elongate, and small green shoots began to rise slightly from the white flesh of the onion.  That process took 3-5 days.  I planted the onion scrap in the garden.  Green shoots came up from the ground after 1-2 weeks.  This morning I noticed that the onion was starting to flower, so I dug it up to have a look.  Amazingly I had a whole new onion!  I cut off the tips of the new onion and am trying to see if I can generate an unending supply of free onions for myself.  The rest of the onion is going into my dinner.

IMG_20200629_101304Let me provide a few tips in the case you want to try this yourself.  This process doesn’t seem to work as well for all varieties of onions, so you may need to make several attempts with different varieties.  You need to have some white flesh along with the root end of the onion.  You also need a patient spouse who doesn’t mind having jars with vegetable scraps in water sitting on the counter.  My husband and I have been married 25 years, and he is now accustomed to my compulsive need to run experiments.

This week marks the two year anniversary of my MarriedWithBees blog.  Thanks to all of you have taken the time to read my posts and especially for sharing the posts with your friends on social media.  Each post represents me trying to make something (an article you will enjoy reading) out of nothing (blank screen).  A big thank you to all who took the time to comment on my last post regarding racism.  You can find that post here if you missed it.  That post was opened over 300 times.  I am glad it resonated with people, but I also hope that in some small way it helps to make our world more just.  The year 2020 has seemed like a “nothing” year because so many bad things have happened.  Maybe working together we will all be able to make 2020 turn into something out of nothing.

Next week we plan to harvest our first honey crop!  Look for a future post all about that sticky adventure.


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