Favorite Pictures from 2020

You can tell quite a bit about people by what they choose to photograph.  Every picture represents a moment in time when someone thought, “This is something I want to remember later.”  At the end of the year, I like to scroll through my pictures to see the year in review and to share some of my favorite pictures with you.  I’m not sure what it says about me that I have more pictures of dogs and bees than I do of people.  I don’t have any selfies either.  I think the best “selfie” that captures me is what you see in these photos.

I hadn’t planned on making another post in 2020, but so many people sent positive, affirming messages after my last post that I wanted to share one more with you before we start the New Year.  My prayer is that 2021 is a year filled of peace, hope, and love for you.


The crocuses were not aware that we were under quarantine.


My German Shepherd “helps” by dropping his ball in the garden.


The garden starts in my basement.


I started eating dandelion greens this year and making dandelion tea.  It’s nice to have vegetables that nature grows for you.


A new neighbor moved in next door.


2020 was a great year for gladiolas.  This was the first cutting of the year.  The first vase of flowers always goes to my mother.


The weather was really hot in August, but Forte knows how to beat the heat.


Bumble bees surrounded me all summer.  


I went hiking with some dear friends.  This is one of their favorite spots.  Can you see the face?


I allow pole dancing in the garden.  These Kentucky Wonder pole beans are delicious with country ham.


Some of the 2020 honey harvest.  The photographic quality is not great, but this photo represents a huge milestone for us as beekeepers.  


Carmen never lets a sunny spot go to waste even when there is leaf raking to be done.


I picked vegetables through the end of October.  I am thankful for my daily bread and my daily vegetables.


My favorite beech trees.  This is my happy place.


If you are patient and look, you can always find raccoon prints by the creek.


Milkweed pods photographed on the winter solstice.  


The acorns lost their hats.  

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