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Beeswax and Eczema – Part II

One of the great features of having a WordPress website is that you can see which search terms lead people to your website.  The search terms are a helpful way to find out what interests readers.  I wrote a post in July 2018 about how I was using a topical beeswax salve to manage my eczema.  (Click here if you haven’t read the original post.)  That post must have resonated with people because every month people are finding my site because of that post.  Here is the update on how things are going for me and my skin 16 months later. Continue reading

Beeswax and Eczema

Eczema has derailed my summer.  In April, I started noticing an itchy rash on my wrists, backs of hands, forearms and neck.  I thought it was either a rash related to too much sun or a reaction to a new sunscreen.  April was busy with outdoor projects, and I received quite a lot of sun exposure and went through a lot of sunscreen.  The rash would not go away in spite of treatment with various topical over the counter products.  Continue reading