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Madame Foreman: My Time on a Jury

Disclaimer:  During the winter months, I am taking a break from my usual blogging about bees, gardens and all things related to the natural world.  So far I have written on topics as varied as exorcism and cocaine hippos.  If this wild ride isn’t for you, I understand.  Check back in the spring for my more traditional blog posts. 

My legal training began in 1986 when the TV series LA Law first aired.  I was mesmerized by these good looking, well-heeled lawyers.  Susan Dey played Deputy DA Grace Van Owen, and I was captivated by her power suits and general badassery.  I listened to all the opening and closing arguments and felt after several seasons I had a good grasp on the American judiciary system.  To be fair, though, the series only trained me in California law.  It wasn’t until I immersed myself in the reruns of Law and Order that played non-stop on the TNT cable channel through the early 2000’s that I rounded out my formal legal training.  The New York lawyers on Law and Order were much grittier.  They made regular visits to Rikers Island to interview witnesses and routinely threatened suspected murderers with the death penalty.  It was a necessary element of my legal training.        

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