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Do This in Winter If You Want to Start Keeping Bees This Spring

Hobby beekeeping has become extremely popular.  Lately honey bees have been getting more press than the Kardashians, and suddenly it is fashionable to keep bees.  Even mainstream stores like Tractor Supply now sell bees and beekeeping equipment.  (I know some of you may not consider Tractor Supply mainstream, but it is a much bigger retailer than the niche beekeeping supply stores.  If you think pole beans, country ham and cornbread make a great dinner, you will most likely agree that Tractor Supply is a mainstream retailer.)  Beekeeping can be daunting.  The initial set up expense to buy the basic equipment and bees will be at least $500.  Next you need to know what to do when a 3 lb package of bees arrives at your door step.   The best time to prepare to be a beekeeper is in the winter when you don’t have bees.  I have prepared a list for anyone thinking about starting beekeeping for the first time.  Do these things over the winter, and you will maximize your chances for a successful first year. Continue reading