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“Alexa, Order Honey Bees.”

This is the post to read if you ever wondered how beekeepers get their bees.  January and February are the months when astute beekeepers place their orders for the bees they need in the spring.  Hopefully established beekeepers won’t need to order bees because their colonies survived the winter.  Sometimes an established beekeeper will still order new bees because they want to expand or they want to introduce different genetics into their colonies.  Beekeepers have multiple options for ordering bees. Continue reading

Can a Hobby Beekeeper Make a Profit?

Recently I met a friend for lunch, and over sandwiches she inquired about our honey bees.  I love talking about our bees, and she is a good friend who indulges me.  After I provided a status update she asked, “Are you making money yet?”  Her direct question caught me off guard.  Most people ask us when we will have honey available, and I think my friend was curious to know if our colonies had reached a point where we could harvest honey for sale.  Doug and I are first year beekeepers, so we are letting the bees have all the honey this year to get them through the winter.  Nevertheless, my friend’s question made me wonder if hobby beekeepers could make a profit from their bees. Continue reading