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How Many Dogs Is Too Many?

Doritos are my love language and my compulsion. I don’t buy them at the store because I can’t control myself when they are in the house. My husband, when he knows I have had a trying day, buys me a small bag at the corner store, which is just one of the many reasons he is awesome. Years ago I was at my in-laws house, and a bowl of chips was sitting out on the table. Like an alcoholic drawn to the 7-11 beer cave, I stood by the bowl and proceeded to eat an enormous amount of chips. It is important to note that at this point in history, consumer products giant P&G introduced a fat substitue called Olestra. Olestra was supposed to taste exactly like the fat we love, but it wasn’t absorbed by the body. Olestra was used in all sorts of products including Doritos. The fat substitute was eventually removed from the market because it caused intestinal cramping and anal leakage. (Their words, not mine.) After I finished off most of the bowl, my mother-in-law mentions that she was serving Doritos made with Olestra. This detail would have come in handy before I started eating chips like a pig at a trough. One day later, I could personally verify that Olestra needed to be removed from the market. What’s the point of that story? The point is that sometimes a good thing is good in moderation but bad if there is too much. This point applies to all sorts of things in life from Doritos to Star Wars sequels to dogs. The problem is knowing when enough is enough, and that is what I am trying to decide regarding the number of dogs we should have in our home.

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