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Walk Through My Spring Vegetable Garden

May has been a busy month. This is the coolest May on record, or as I like to say, “It has been good brussels sprout weather.” The spring garden is already producing, and we are eating something fresh from the garden every day now. Instead of writing about the garden, I thought I would take you on a video tour.

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The Most Important Crop I Am Growing This Year

I was unsure if I should even write a post this week.  The events of the past two weeks have been jarring, and they exposed the deep wounds that racism continues to inflict on the nation.  I pray for comfort, justice and peace for all of those who are hurting now.  While I agree that silence is complicity, I also think that we don’t all need to speak at once.  This period has been a time of deep reflection for me, and I intend to write more fully about that in a future Left Field post.  I just don’t have the words yet, so I have been gardening and praying. Continue reading