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Stop Counting Carbs and Start Counting Friends

BLOG UPDATE:  When Married with Bees started, I wrote about beekeeping.  I don’t know if I changed or if the bees changed me, but the blog definitely changed.  Now I mostly write about my thoughts on life.  You know how therapists tell you that you should journal to work through your personal issues?  Well, I do that but then I hit the PUBLISH button when I finish writing.  When you read my posts, you are coming along on my personal therapy journey.  Weirdly, those posts get the most clicks and are the most fun to write.  Keep reading if you want to stay on this crazy train.  If you just want to read about bees, now is when you should look for the exit.

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Why Happiness Is Like Big Foot

“On a scale of 1 to 10 what is your happiness score,” my boss demanded.  My boss was a German engineer who drank far too much coffee.  Some mornings when he was highly caffeinated, he would barge in my office and demand to know my happiness score.  His sentiment was well intended even though his delivery was abrasive.  On the day I resigned, I began the conversation by saying, “My happiness score is a 2.”

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