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Please Don’t Get A German Shepherd Dog!

“I’ve always wanted a German Shepherd.” People who find out that I own a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) tell me this on a regular basis. What I think to myself when I hear this is, “No you don’t.” The time has come to say the quiet part out loud. Most households will not be a good fit for a GSD.

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Lessons from a German Shepherd

A thick layer of snow is currently covering the garden.  Hopefully our bees are still alive, but it is too cold to check the hives.  Salad greens, Brussel sprouts, onions, and peas are safely growing under lights in the basement waiting to be transferred to the garden next month.  Getting sufficient exercise for our dogs in this weather is a challenge, and dogs and humans alike are suffering from cabin fever.  We have two dogs.  Forte is our five year old German shepherd, and Carmen is our senior rescue dog of unknown age and unknown breed.  I am sharing Forte‚Äôs story because I hope it will be helpful for anyone who may be struggling with a dog that they love.

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