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10 Things To Do Before You Turn 50

I have a habit of randomly entering bizarre questions into Google to see what results appear.  I have Googled questions such as “What is the meaning of life?” and “When will the world end?” just to see if the internet can provide any fresh insights.  Many of my friends are turning 50, and I am not far behind them.  This proximity to the milestone birthday caused me to Google, “What should you do before you turn 50?”  The results were less than satisfying.  Jumping out of an airplane, traveling around the world, and learning to speak a foreign language were some of the items that made the lists.  I’m not intrinsically opposed to those activities, but I don’t think they are accessible to all people.  Can you imagine how many people would be dropping from the sky if everyone had to go skydiving at least once before they turned 50? 

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Does Anyone Need a Cocaine Hippo?

The horseshoe theory of politics states that the political spectrum is shaped like a horseshoe instead of a straight line running in opposite directions.  Far-right and far-left political ideologies begin to converge, and people in those two groups start to become more aligned instead of alienated.  I think the horseshoe theory applies to blogging too.  I decided to stop writing about bees and the natural world this winter since everything is dormant.  For fun I am writing on all sorts of wackadoodle topics for my Left Field collection.  Pablo Escobar’s Cocaine Hippos are so far into Left Field that they have come right back around and fit in with my usual blogging about the natural world.  Put on your safari hats, and let’s talk about cocaine hippos!

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