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Can I Learn To Love January?

I hate the month of January.  If January was a person, it would be the kid that reminds the teacher that she forgot to assign the class homework.  If January was a food, it would be creamed spinach.  January is like a pile of dog doodoo that you don’t see when you are at the park.  You are skipping along through the month of December, and then BAM you step in a big steaming pile of January. 

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Life Lessons from the Tattoo Shop

Spring is off to a cool start.  The radishes and turnips have sprouted but the sprouts are not growing because of the temperature.  Broccoli, cabbage, spinach and onions are patiently waiting under my basement grow light to be transplanted to the garden.  The bees are getting brief tastes of spring, but the persistent cool temperatures are keeping them in the hives.  What is a gardening beekeeper to do in times like these?  Of course, the obvious answer is to go and get a tattoo.

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